Dark Angels, creative writing in business
The Dark Angels programme is a series of residential writing courses tutored by John Simmons, Stuart Delves and Jamie Jauncey exploring how to use words more engagingly and imaginatively within the business environment

"Look at the language that you use and ask yourself, does this really mean something to someone else? Does it make a connection? And if you were to read it, would you feel excited about the organisation, would you understand ...?"

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Biggerhouse Film

Biggerhouse Film specialise in making person-centred films to educate and inspire.

From the initial concept to final realisation, the  team take an enormous amount of care and time to ensure that the message of the film is put across effectively and that groups and individuals are given a voice, empowered to communicate their viewpoint and tell their story. For a flavour of Biggerhouse Film, we recommend their award winning "Teeth the Musical."



Common Cause

The power of protest and popular struggles has been proven time and again, in countering vested interests, and in bringing about new political and social structures. But what are the values that either promote or inhibit these movements? What values help create today’s social norms and institutions, and what, in turn, shapes these values?

Common Cause focus upon “intrinsic” values—among them self-acceptance, care for others, and concern for the natural world ... acknowledging the importance of these values, and the “frames” that embody and express them;  examining how our actions help to strengthen or weaken them; and  working with them, to create a more compassionate society, and a better world.


 The Centre for Story-based Strategy 


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